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Ecoslay Jello Shot Gel

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Ecoslay Jello Shot Gel
  • Ecoslay Jello Shot Gel

* An update:
Ecoslay has changed their packaging system to be eco friendly.

The Jello Shot Gel comes in 2 sizes:
60ml sample & 474ml pouch.
You may purchase refillable containers for the pouch via our online store.
We have refillable pump bottles of different types available.

Let's get the Party started!
With okra extact, aloe vera juice and chamomile, this super-thick, strawberry-scented gel firmly holds even the kinkiest curls in place!

Directions: Apply to soaking wet hair in sections. Air dry or diffuse.

Ingredients: Water, Okra extract, Aloe vera juice, Pectin, Chamomile flower extract, Nettle leaf extract, Melissa leaf extract, Peppermint leaf extract, Horsetail leaf extract, Yucca Vera leaf extract, propanediol (corn-based preservative booster), aminopropanol (pH balancer), strawberry fruit essence, benzyl alcohol dehydroacetic acid (non-drying alcohol used in preservation system), carbomer 980 (thickener), sodium gluconate (beet-based preservative booster).

Curls are part of the real world and the CG lifestyle is more than just ingredients.
Here is a practical note from Lindsay, our founder:

"This is a beautiful gel with a firmer hold in comparison to its sibling, Orange Marmalade.
It does not make the hair tacky or crispy in any way.
You will instantly see the shine that it adds.
I recommend it for waves, curls and coils alike.
I like to use it with plenty of water and definitely on top of a conditioning product.
You won't need to use too much.
It comes in a large container and it will last you a while."