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The Curly Girl Method



The Curly Girl Method is a method of curl care designed by Lorraine Massey.
She published the Method in her acclaimed book Curly Girl: The Handbook.
You can purchase a copy of the handbook with free postage here in the boutique.

Lorraine is the pioneer behind the curly girl movement.
As a hairstylist and curl specialist, she has changed the lives of thousands of curly girls and guys across the globe.

She's the founder of Devachan Salons, and co-founder of DevaCurl products.
She now works independently, teaching the Curl by Curl(TM) cutting technique and leading the movement to more natural hair care products with the launch of her new company, CurlyWorld (TM).

The Curly Girl Method consists of practising a consistent botanical hair diet that is free from Sulphates, Silicones, Waxes, Drying Alcohols and Artificial Oils.
It's about caring for the natural hair you've been born with, and this also includes the complete avoidance of high heat tools, mechanical damage and chemical treatments (blow-drying, ironing, straightening, brushing, keratin, relaxing, etc).

Here at Curls Only we work exclusively with the original version of The Curly Girl Method.

We believe that a better method for curl care does not exist. The Method works, but only when you do it properly.

If you haven't read the book yet, we believe that you should. The original version of the Method is there and we highly recommend it.

We highly recommend Lorraine Massey's official Blog for some informative reading. To read her blog, click HERE.